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1. Question - Do the certificates that are issued by First Response Jersey, comply with Health and Safety Regulations?

Answer​ - Yes they do comply just like those issued by any other recognised First Aid providers.

2. Question - Do I need to do practical assessments in front of all the other people in the group?

Answer​ - Where a course is followed by a formal assessment, then it will be carried out only in the presence of the assessor. Where the course requires only continual assessment of practical's, these will usually be done in informal group settings.

3. Question - How long is my certificate valid for?

 Answer - Your certificate is valid for 3 years with a recommended yearly 3 hour skills update. An AED (Defibrillator)certificate is valid for 1 year.

4. Question - I am a Child Minder, what First Aid course do I need to complete?

Answer - It is always best to check with the Child Care registration scheme as to which qualification they require you to hold. For Child Minder's in their own home, this is normally a Paediatric one day course certificate.

5. Question - I am a builder and i am not sure what i need to comply with the new 2016 Construction regulations?

Answer - Click on the link above "First Aid in Construction"

6. Do i need to attend the whole course?

Answer - Of course. HSE require certain criteria to enable certification.

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