• The Management in Construction (Jersey) Regulations 2016, ​was introduced to ensure safe working practices on local construction    ​   sites of all sizes.
  • The Health and Safety at work (Jersey) Law 1989, ​explains that it is the responsibility of all members of the work place to ensure the Health and Safety of others. This responsibility not that soley of the employer.
  • ​There is no specific First Aid Law or Reguation in Jersey, however as good practice, First Response Jersey follow the guidance of the UK HSE Health and Safety (First Aid)Regulations 1981, ​for all of its training, certification, updates and advice.

First Aid provision on construction sites? The 2016 Regulations state the following:-

First-aid and medical attention (Regulation 36) The relevant contractor must ensure there is adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable-first aid to be given in the event of somebody being injured or becoming ill at work. This should be sufficient to provide initial treatment of any foreseeable injuries and illness that may arise from the construction activities being undertaken on the project.

As a minimum, the following should be provided on all construction projects: 

  •  a first-aid box, the contents of which should be sufficient and appropriate for the foreseeable nature of injuries and illness which   may occur on the site, and the number of workers involved.
  • a nominated person, to take charge of the first-aid arrangements and manage the initial response to any injury or episode of ill health; for example, calling the    emergency services.
  • information telling workers the name of the nominated person(s) and, if relevant, any qualified first aiders and where to find them. A notice in the site office and/or rest areas is usually the best way of doing this.
  • A qualified first aider is someone who has undergone a specific training course in administering first-aid. Such training should be relevant to the hazards and risks associated with the construction work.
  • The number of nominated persons and qualified first aiders needed on a construction project should be determined by risk assessment.


Q: How many First Aiders do I need for my construction site.?

A: This depends on the size of the site, the amount of personel employed including sub-contractors and the nature of hazards.

Q: How can I find out how many First Aiders i need for my site.?

A: First Response Jersey can help you with this free of charge, so please contact us.

Q: What do i need to have in the Site First Aid kit.?

A: This will be determined by the size of the site, the amout of personel and the risks involved.

Q: Which First Aid qualifications do my workers need.?

A: Again this depends on the site, the hazards and the number of personel. It is not always neccessary to have staff trained in FAW as     

    the shorter EFAW course is sufficient.

Q: The admin assistant for the company does not work on site, however holds a First Aid qualification. Is this sufficient to comply with regulations.?

A: No. You must ensure that there is First Aid provision at all times on site when any related work is being carried out. (Remember to allow

     for sickness and holidays of your trained First Aiders.

First Response Jersey can build a course to suit the needs of your Business and Site. The content of the course will meet the requirements set out by HSE regulations and give your staff the confidence to take control of any First Aid situation keeping your workers safe from further harm.

First Aid in the Construction Industry

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