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First aid training and certification

Aid Training & Operations Ltd was founded in 1999 by an ex Royal Marine and quickly grew into a national and international training provider.  The business currently boasts in excess of 150 course titles, supported by various Awarding Bodies and serves the training needs of many high street names and public and private organisations.

Diabetes UK is a British-based patient, healthcare professional and research charity that describes itself as the "leading UK charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of all people affected by and at risk of diabetes." The charity campaigns for improvements in the care and treatment of people with diabetes.

The Stroke Association is a charity in the United Kingdom. It works to prevent stroke, and to support everyone touched by stroke, fund research, and campaign for the rights of stroke survivors of all ages.

The Anaphylaxis Campaign is the only UK charity to exclusively meet the needs of the growing numbers of people at risk from severe allergic reactions by providing information and support relating to foods and other triggers such as latex, drugs and insect stings.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is a charity organisation in the United Kingdom that funds research, education, care and awareness campaigns aimed to prevent heart diseases in humans.

The Jersey Heart Support Group (JHSG) was formed in 2011 by people living with heart conditions in Jersey, with the aim to provide mutual support to others. The group has a common aim to carry on where hospital rehabilitation leaves off and continue to battle against cardiac conditions. Type your paragraph here.